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The Islanders Series

The Islanders Series consists of Kissing a Stranger, The Seducer, and Improper Advances.

On the Isle of Man, the aristocratic but impoverished Cashin struggles to maintain their crumbling castle and their prominence. In Book 1 beautiful Lady Lavinia leaves the island to seek a wealthy husband in London. In Book 2 her brother Kerron, Lord Garvain, hopes to revive his family's fortunes and provide employment for the islanders throgh the manufacture of printed linens--assisted by Ellin Fayle, the tavern-keeper's niece. In Book 3, mine owner Sir Darius Corlett encounters a mysterious widow from London, who turns out to be Ana St. Albans, a scandalous opera singer.

The action of all three novels shifts from the island to London during the social season, as well as to other locations in England--country houses and Newmarket race meetings.

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The Proposal has a new ebook edition, with a splendid new cover!A novel of dark intrigue, blazing passion--and a glorious garden! When a lonely young widow and a mysterious earl clash over a neglected castle garden, suspicion and secrets threaten a blossoming love.

Sophie Pinnock, a talented and determined landscape gardener, arrives at Bevington Castle seeking redemption for past deceits--it was she, not her late husband, who created many of his famed garden designs. Sophie cannot admit to Lord Bevington her yearning to preserve rather than replace his decayed formal landscape, for her enigmatic employer demands that she replace it with a fashionable modern plan. When he reveals his passion for her--and makes clear his expectations--she resolves never to be his mistress. But should she become his wife?

Cassian Carysfort has returned to England to claim his title and inheritance. He relies on Sophie to transform his Gloucestershire castle into a show place. Her lively presence is a welcome distraction from concerns about his sister’s state of mind, his nephew’s upbringing, and his poet friend’s ill-health. Lovely Sophie turns out to be as elusive as she is rebellious. Only a marriage proposal will gain him what he most desires. But when his castle is visited by tragedy and loss, Cassian realizes that the lady’s heart is the most valuable treasure of all--one he fears he doesn't deserve.

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The castle is based upon one I've often visited, shown here. When Sophie takes up residence at Bevington Castle, she lodges over the gateway arch, clearly seen in the second photo.

Portions of the book take place in Clifton, near Bristol, where I've spent much time.

“Engaging romance with winning characters and eloquent dialogue.” Teresa Medeiros, New York Times bestselling author

“Rating=10. Very Highly Recommended. A sensitive romance filled with radiant characters and...intricate historical details....Ms. Porter's homage to the era's posh gardens provides a reinvigorating twist to a fabulous Regency romance.” Under the Covers

“A spritely, determined heroine and assorted secondary characters—both charming and unsavory—stand out in this late-Georgian romance.” Library Journal

“Very sensual...lush in detail. Her characters have just as much depth as the settings, and the gardens provide a wonderful backdrop for a tender love story.” Affaire de Coeur

“Excellent...the reader can feel the serenity and see the beauty...thanks to Ms. Porter's visionary talent.” Romantic Times

“Decidedly different...totally believable and deeply heartfelt.” Rendezvous

“Readers will savor The Proposal.” The Literary Times

The Love Spoon made the Kindle Top 100 Bestseller list on its release. A love spoon is a traditional Welsh love token. The cover design, created by illustrator Ravven, used my photograph of the spoon I purchased in North Wales and was nominated for a "best cover" award. Nearly penniless, Gwendolyn Pryce must leave behind her beloved Welsh hills to support herself as a milliner’s assistant in the city of Chester. Wealthy Hugo Meredith, an unexpected guest at her cousin’s wedding, predicts that the lovely young woman will be preyed upon by fashionable gentlemen seeking a mistress. His determined effort to dissuade Gwendolyn from her plan is matched by her resolve to carry it out.

When pride and passion collide, will these unlikely lovers be forever separated by their differences? Or can they overcome contradictory ambitions, diverse cultures, and family expectations to attain their hearts’ desire?

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The Apple Blossom Bower by Margaret Evans Porter

The Apple Blossom Bower is an emotion-rich tale of unlikely love, exclusively available for the Amazon Kindle, priced at 99 cents.

Annis Kelland, daughter of a notorious Devonshire smuggler, has avoided wealthy landowner Sir Edwin Page ever since he kissed her during the apple harvest celebrations. Her mother warns her that the baronet is merely trifling with her. Her stepfather, the local squire, is keen to play matchmaker.

Edwin's determined courtship is thwarted--and threatened--by an unwelcome guest desperate to claim the dead smuggler's buried treasure. Will a night of passion undo the damage caused by a meddlesome friend, or destroy the mis-matched couple's chance at happiness?

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