Margaret Evans  Porter



All of my historicals and some of my Regency novels have been published in translation. I've signed more contracts than I've received books from my overseas publishers, but here is a sampling of titles.


Jubilee Year, The Proposal, Kissing a Stranger, Sweet Lavender, and Road to Ruin. Published in hardcover and paperback in 2006 and 2007. In May '06 I visted Bratislava. The publisher hosted a lovely luncheon with a press conference--print and broadcast media attended. A documentary crew filmed me wandering the picturesque streets, and there were one-on-one interviews with radio and television. When I visited bookshops, I found all my titles readily available.


I'm always thrilled when my novels are published in countries I've visited. My Polish publishers seem to like novels featuring the Isle of Man. Pol Nordica has published both The Seducer and Improper Advances, in which the island figures rather prominently. I preferred the Polish cover for Improper Advances (Gorszycielka) to the U.S. version!


My publisher in Hungary bought all four of my historicals, and published the lot in 2004, with the same covers as the Avon editions in the U.S.


The one on the left is probably Kissing a Stranger. No idea what the other might be.


This Portuguese edition of Toast of the Town appeared after I had travelled there. I'm able to read the language just well enough to know it's a faithful translation.


Cora of Germany acquired Dangerous Diversions as well as the Blossoms anthology for the My Lady romance imprint.